Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday, June the Thiurtenth

I have perfected an amazing breakfast recipe that is nutritious, portable, and also good for you and good for eating on the road. I have written it here on the Internet for all of you to eat.

1. Eat cheese
2. chew cheese up a little
3. Eat apple (with cheese still in mouth)
4. Enjoy
5. Eat apple.
6. eat cheese

repeat until cheese and apple are gone

I used baby belle cheese that is a small cow’s milk cheese that is the French version of Dutch Edam. Like its Dutch counterpart it is known for its bright red wax covering. Made famous by being served in lunches and transatlantic flights.

You could use string cheese too, it is pretty good but don't let it get too warm and gooey that is gross and doesn't taste as good hehe.


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