Monday, July 24, 2006

24 Jul, 3pm

foetus66_ that sushi place down at the river blows
Sassface the sushi place previously known as yuki sushi?
foetus66_ yes
foetus66_ it's the same as it was then though
coupon hmmm
Sassface I didn't mind it, it was fresh enough. Pretty basic.
foetus66_ i thought i'd give it another chance since the name changed, but no change.
Sassface The miso was good.
MMD isn't Yuki sushi on 23rd now?
Sassface You prefer takahashi?
foetus66_ thats the real yuki
foetus66_ fuck yeah
MMD yeah, that Yuki is pretty good right?
MMD I've only ever had a few rolls there but I thought they were pretty good iirc
Sassface Last time I went to Takahashi the stuff was warm and kind of wet. It tasted okay but not fantastic, and the miso was totally boring.
foetus66_ when my food came out everything was novelty sized tiny. i almost started laughing because as soon as i saw it i remembered how i thought the same thing last time. i had to get a slice of pizza next door when i was done.
foetus66_ if i were to have eaten a normal amount of sushi it would have been like $30
Sassface Well expensive is different from bad
foetus66_ the fish quality is nothing to write home about. also, the miso i just had was watery and had heavy chunks from the base of the green onion
Sassface Gross
MMD please copy/paste this chat transcript into your blog pete
Sassface ok

MMD and maybe illustrate Carl laughing at a plate of sushi
MMD tiny, novelty sized sushi
coupon microscopic
foetus66_ anyway, the sushi tasted good but there is also a difference between expensive and insanely overpriced. i won't be going there again.
foetus66_ also, in your drawing, make the waiter inattentive
foetus66_ i suppose they can get away with it since they are in that huge condo complex full of rich people. i'm sure they get business, so why not roll with it i suppose.
foetus66_ i'm such a supposeur


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