Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thirsty Thursday

Ross: I keep wondering if every now and then a scientist fucks some animal just to see if it's true.
Ross: Then kills the ensuing horseboy.
Pete: Well you can't do that because the sperm and eggs are different in size and chemistry but if you just use standard cloning techniques to transfer the DNA, then why the hell not.
Pete: Pigs would be a likelier candidate, I'm guessing... we can already exchange organs with them.
Ross: Yep.
Pete: Rich chicks are going to start using their ova and their boyfriends' sperm to impregnate a sow so they can keep their girlish figures.
Pete: Can you imagine coming into the world via a pig's vagina? What effect would that have on a person.
Pete: What if the pig escaped into the wild while still pregnant and they couldn't find it?
Pete: What if it got captured by a pig farmer and butchered?
Pete: And when they cut off the chops they'd find a human fetus in its uterus.
Pete: What if it was extremely late-term and the fetus survived.
Pete: Would you still want to eat it?

Ross: I'd eat the placenta.


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