Thursday, January 11, 2007

mm mm mm Malay Satay Hut

Our site has a new writer, Katie, and she will deliver fabulously half-assed reviews of restaurants, among other things that may or may not involve baked goods. She will review restaurants on a scale of one to five butts.

On with the first review!

Malay Satay Hut: a lovely treasure hidden in the Fubonn complex on 82nd between Division and Powell. This restaurant has two other locations in Seattle, and is gaining a huge following right here in Portland. It is a welcome addition in a town where Thai restaurants are indistinguishable from each other (with the exception being Pok Pok), the only restaurant in Chinatown with good food is a tourist trap full of white people, and there are more places for a lackluster bowl of pho than hookers on 82nd ave, or Burnside, or wherever the hookers live. Now we have Malaysian food, and it is outrageously delicious.

Charlie and Pete were kind enough to let me decide on what we ate because I’ve read several reviews, and knew what dishes were good, also because I’m awesome, and have a very sophisticated palate.

I am too lazy to discuss the atmosphere, so I’ll just tell you that it’s good. Now, on with the food:

Beef Satay: I had the highest expectations for this dish, but it was a disappointment. The beef was chewy, with a fair bit of connective tissue. The peanut sauce that came with it was excellent, though. Two butts

Green beans with shrimp: This had a fancier name, but their website is down so I can’t check. This dish really didn’t do anything for me. I thought that it was pretty boring in fact, but it was one of the ones that people have been recommending, so maybe I just have no taste buds, but it’s more likely that those people do not have palates that are very sophisticated like mine. Two butts

Roti: an Indian flatbread appetizer, gently fried, but not greasy with a nice crunch, and soft in the middle. This is served with small bowl of curry. The bread is delicious, but the curry needs a little something. Regardless I’d eat it all day long. Four Butts

Malaysian Fried Rice: A spicy fried rice with nice, sweet shrimp, and chicken. I believe ketchup might also have been involved, but again with the website being down thing. It was very flavorful, and too hot for Pete, who’s a big wimp. Four butts

Tofu-mango salad: I know, it doesn’t sound real exciting because you’ve eaten mango and tofu before, but you haven’t eaten it like this. The mango is the perfect sweet, but still firm consistency, and the tofu is fried golden brown. When you bite into the tofu you discover that its interior is nearly a custard. Topped off with a sweet and spicy dressing, and you’ll have me bouncing in my seat. Five butts

Overall, Malay Satay Hut receives four butts because that mango salad was so outstanding, and they have things like avocado shakes.


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