Friday, March 16, 2007

Wir müssen die tiere ausrotten

As long as no one eats my cats or any pet of someone I know (unless I hate them), I am fine with people eating animals. I eat plenty of meat myself, and I don't know why some people don't like it. Animals which aren't pets or aren't in a zoo, they were made to be eaten. You know that lion in the jungle? He was made to be eaten. You know that cow at the farm? It was made to be eaten.

We humans created animals, and I think they are just being selfish when they don't want us to eat them. Personally I think they deserve to get killed and eaten if they can't defend themselves from us; it wasn't our fault we were made superior.

Ever heard of the chain of command? It goes something like this. Humans > Pets > Zoo Animals > Wild Animals > Animals we breed just to eat. So you see unless a chicken is a pet or a zoo animal, it is almost worthless if we follow the chain of command. But then again those chickens weren't just for eating I guess. We also enjoy killing them slowly. I am not trying to be a troll here but I would love to be one of the ones who get to kill the chickens we eat. I would take great pleasure in taking the life of a chicken, since it would let me vent my anger in a constructive healthy way.

Sorry all who were offended, I just love KFC.


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