Tuesday, February 12, 2008

barf o'clock

[12:45] Megan Howse: what kind of a foods should i eat
[12:46] pete: can you get corn on the cob??
[12:46] pete: btw here is the mp3 I am planning to put up after I take down the seafood song http://www.doesstuff.com/files/d/sausages.mp3
[12:47] Megan Howse: noice
[12:48] pete: I want some corn on the damn cob.
[12:49] Megan Howse: yums
[12:50] Megan Howse: i was thinkin bout getttin the best pizza in the world
[12:50] Megan Howse: it sound awful but its real good like,
[12:50] Megan Howse: its a pizza, right but instead of sauce it has white truffle oil
[12:50] Megan Howse: and then its got some kind of sort of stinky cheese on top of that
[12:50] Megan Howse: and then it is covered i narugala
[12:51] Megan Howse: and then there are sliced pears on top of the lettucey stuff
[12:51] pete: barf